Tot School #3

I'm late again getting this done, but I think it is worth doing anyway. I love having a picture record of some of the things the kids are doing. And I love seeing what others are up to because it inspires me. So here is a little about our past week.

Jay is still into frogs and spelling.  Here he got to combine both.  We've played with magnetic letters a lot and it's always really effective for him.
Kay and Jay practiced transferring beans from one bowl to another.
Jay wasn't as enthusiastic about this puzzle as he used to be.  We should do it more often (from Target $5)
The kids LOVED this Cake Walk Alphabet Game we played for Dr. Seuss day!
Kay can't get enough of stacking and sorting and collecting.
We made alphabet pancakes and ate words.
I love this book and so does Jay (Border's Bargain book).  It has a dry eraser marker that lets you use it again and again!  You can pull out the tabs to see if you were right!
It's a great way to practice spelling, reading, and writing (with very little work on my part, which I don't mind!)
These are the math equations we did on our abacus.  Writing them as we did them tied the two things together better.
We checked this abacus out from our children's library-what a treat!
We are getting ready to go visit DC, so we have been reading about US presidents.
Kay loves sorting and playing with these pom poms.
Kay is really good at feeding herself.  And when she's not, I love this bib (from IKEA!)
Jay read the newspaper for the first time this week.  It's a habit at our house to have it out, but I didn't think he was paying much attention.  Best Buy might be proud to know that those were the first words he sounded out reading a newspaper :)
We made banana boats for a treat to celebrate the reading we did about Curious George and his ice cream/banana adventures.
Kay has noticed puzzles lately.  And I'm noticing she is pretty good at them.  She must be related to her puzzle-monster brother!  I love these Melissa and Doug chunky ones.  The animals can all stand up on their own so they double as fun toys and are great for little hands to maneuver.
Jay loves to play "Go Fish" and gets a little better each time.  He sorts, counts, and practices taking turns.
As always, Jay is a great helper in the kitchen measuring and stirring. This week we had fun making our waffle sandwiches for dinner!

We've been watching our bean plants grow!

Making these books (from one piece of paper) was also a fun.

For more ideas about Tot School go Here.

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