Organize the Bathtub Clutter

Tuesday Tips and Tricks Feature: How to Organize the Bathtub Clutter (for cheap!)

If you have little ones at your house then you either hate or love bath time.  The thing I struggle most with is the after-bath clean-up.  No more.
My favorite bathtub accessory is this plastic colander:Why?  

It's a fun bath toy :)
It was $2.50 at Target {yes!}
It holds all of our bath toys (really, it can hold a lot!)
I can leave it in the tub for a few minutes and the water drains off the toys and out those little drain holes and...

Toys Stored, doubles as a toy, I feel organized, and no husband stepping on bath toys in the morning!
Lots of happy smiles around here :)


Sherry Gann said...

We use one of these too. :)
Seriously, I always wonder why people spend money on cutesy hanging tub toy holders. ;)

Unknown said...

I don't know why I hadn't thought of this. So simple and functional. Thanks for the tip.

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