Remarkable Marker Fun

Most people think of dry erase markers on just the white board that they come with.  Did you know that dry erase markers work perfectly well on mirrors too?  

Below are 3 more surfaces and activities that are remarkably more fun with these fun little markers.  If you don't trust your little one with dry erase markers washable markers work too :)

Try doing a self-portrait right in front of the mirror.
Kids can make all kinds of expressions in the mirror and then draw them "on themselves."
Mirror writing is also a fun way to write reminders.  It's a great place to display sight words.  We also use it as a place for Spanish words we are learning.  Most families spend some time in front of the mirror.  You can write messages to each other too!

A dry erase marker on a laminated surface can make reviewing something so exciting!  Jay normally might not want to review how to draw each letter.  But with a dry erase marker it is an adventure he won't miss.  (He's using a placemat from the dollar store in this activity.)
 I draw a little dot on each letter so he remembers where to start and then he's off to draw them all-no complaints!  We've also used this technique with maps, etc.

Dry erase markers also work well on windows.   We use window writing to practice writing words.  It's way more exciting on the window then on "normal" paper!  They are great for rainy days too!
Dry erase markers are temporary on these surfaces but they come off easiest if they don't sit for a long time.  Remember to keep the dry erase markers OUT of REACH except for special occasions and to keep a good eye out while they are in use.  If you opt for washable markers (I do with Kay) then just use water to wash them away.
I hope you have fun with This Little Project!


DairyQueen said...

oh what fun!!

Summers Family said...

we bought the window markers /crayons by crayola. we have yet to try them, I am too lazy to wash the car windows first, but when we do I will let you know.

Unknown said...

great idea! thank you!

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