A Farm in the Village

It seems like it's been awhile since I've posted about our village.  Be assured that it is still flourishing and providing lots of imaginative play...I've just been out of town a lot lately.  The latest addition to the village is our farm.  

It started with the Village Park some wooden animals and a little red tractor.  Then we made and painted a little barn and added a tree and a robin (per Jay's request :)

The the librarian came over to take a look at the ducks in the pond with Jay.

And Kay found her favorite little piggy.

Grandpa and Jay heard some noise in the barn (made from recycled wood pieces).

It was a party in the barn and the Librarian wanted to in!

Some plastic animals came by to practice their reading skills.

Things got a little out of hand with the barn party.

But things got picked up pretty quick and everyone is back to work again!
We are still loving how versatile the village is.  There are so many stories to tell!

p.s. here are the links to the other places in our Village so far...
Swimming pool, Park, Library, Post Office
How to Make Your Wooden and Peg People
The Construction Site
and Stop and Go in the Village .

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Gina said...

This really is so great. I'm in awe. I hope to make something similar for my kids at some stage.

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