The Village Post Office

If you've been following along, you've already seen the Village swimming pool, park, and library. This Little Project has been fun because it is an "open-ended" toy, meaning that it is interactive enough for their imaginations to go wild making a new little village each day. We recently read the book, Bunny Mail by Rosemary Wells.  It is the book that sparked our ideas for this part of our village.

The book is about the letters that Max writes and it has little flaps to lift and "open" the letter. Jay and Kay both loved it. We spent the whole afternoon writing letters after that. We also got to make a trip to the Post Office to mail some Father's Day packages. All of this led to a Post Office being added to the Village.

Each part of the village that is constructed with felt is 2 LAYERS thick so that it isn't destroyed by the end of the day. So the little MAIL letters are a folded piece of white felt stitched with red embroidery floss.  There is a little button hole under each letter...see below.
The back of each letter looks like a little envelope.  Get it, "letter" (double meaning :)

The letters can be stuffed into the mailbox
The mailbox is only sewn down in the back so mail can be pulled out of the bottom of it.

The letters can be buttoned to the Post Office to spell "MAIL" (great little hand coordination practice).

or they can be or driven around the village in our little mail truck (not everything in the village is perfectly to scale, as you can see :)

The blocks are glued together with Elmer's glue to make the P.O. and the flag pole.  I used a flag cutout from a magazine but will replace it with a fabric one sometime.  The paper is not going to be durable enough :)
Does all of that make you want to write a letter...or maybe build a village :)
Watch for more village to come...

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Michelle Gibson said...

I am really enjoying your village projects! They are so cute and original. :-)

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