The Village Library

A great library is a top priority when we choose a place to live. We are big fans around here :)  We recently got a library card for our new city that we are visiting for the summer. Naturally it was the next piece of our village.

I was lucky enough to find a bag of blocks at a garage sale this weekend for a quarter. We just glued some little blocks together to make a building with a message encrypted:{Little Project Tip:} If you make This Little Project, be sure to glue them this way first.  We just used Elmer's glue.

Jay had fun painting the roof.

The yard of the library has a giant book stitched into it. Each page has a different letter to the word, "BOOKS."

I also cut some little photos out of a National Geographic magazine and stitched them together to make mini books for our little village people.
Kay likes reading the mini books to the little village people
This Little Project was fun for our house of book lovers :)

More of our village to come...

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kw said...

When Little Snail gets her little people this weekend, I can see a new addiction coming on! We have a train table that we are doing nothing will be fun to transform it. I think I will just leave a bucket of materials under it and let the kids go at it whenever they are inspired. I will defiantly show them what you guys are doing!

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