Friday Favorites and Freebies

Here are some Favorites and Freebies. I hope you find something to fit your fancy!

A favorite treat in the summertime is ice cream.  Drumsticks are always a favorite.  Here are instructions for how to make your own! ( via Crafty Crow)

My Jay is a map monster so when I heard about the Atlas of World History program that combines history with maps of the world I was thrilled.  Unfortunately it is not available for Macs :(  It's a program developed by a New Jersey high school teacher and is highly praised.  To download it for free go here. (via HomeschoolFreebieoftheDay)

If you have book lovers at your house (or wish you did) these shelves are for you-and come with DIY instructions:) (via simplemessyfun)

If you would like to follow along with an awesome handwork curriculum (waldorf) for the year, check this out. (beautiful!)

Check out this WAY Awesome design for a pinewood derby car.

Happy Friday to YOU!

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