Oh Crepe!

I have been missing my crepe maker all summer.  We love crepes so much that it is often the meal we make when we have friends over-especially if they have kids.  There are so many different kinds of crepe fillings that everyone can find something the like.

The secret to our crepe success is this handy little tool.  It is one of my all-time favorite wedding gifts!  This is a photo of mine, it's "Maxim" brand and plugs right into the wall.  I searched for it online, and it looks like crepe makers are relatively inexpensive, depending on the kind you are looking for.  This little tool makes dinnertime or lunchtime or breakfast time a lot of fun!

The batter is easy: milk, butter, flour, water, eggs-there are a ton of yummy recipes online.  Just a quick dip in the batter and they come out nice and thin.  A little light comes on to tell me they are done-it couldn't get much easier!
Preparing the fillings does take a bit of prep time.  Much of the fruit can be cut ahead.  With my husband and I both preparing fillings and making crepes we can go start to finish with enough for 2 families in about an hour.

Some of our favorite fillings are: 
strawberries (or any berries!)
an omlette-like filling
a chicken salad-type filling.

Don't be surprised if you end up eating quite a few crepes.  We always encourage our dinner friends to.  They aren't like tortillas because they really aren't very filling.  They are only about 8" around.  So you can indulge and taste all the varieties!

If you want to go for a dessert crepes, add some whipped cream, powdered sugar, and chocolate syrup.

You can sneak a lot of vegetables into the chicken and egg fillings.  If you have a garden, this is a great way to use a bunch of your fruits and veggies.  Our kids always eat every kind of filling.  Even if they just go for fruit and yogurt, that's not so unhealthy!

Consider treating yourself and your friends to a crepe party!  It's a yummy {little project}.

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