Doodle Rubbings

We had a lot of fun making what we call "Doodle Rubbings" this weekend. I think these are a fun learning tool.  These doodle rubbings are so quick and easy to make and they can be used by lots of kids (think play group or preschool, etc.)  Some themes we did were: emotions, things that fly, shapes, colors and names.

To make some Doodle Rubbings, here are some {Little Project} Tips:
*Materials you Need: Glue gun, cardboard, crayons, paper clips or binder clips

1- Cut your cardboard to size.  I used cereal box cardboard.  If you are going to have a lot of children participate you may want to use the heavy kind of cardboard instead, since it is harder to bend.  Use longer pieces of cardboard for words and names.

You can use smaller pieces for single pictures (happy and sad):
2-With the glue gun, just "draw" your picture.  I found that it was easier to draw when I put the glue gun right down on the cardboard.  This creates a flatter line of glue which works just as well for the coloring.  The nice thing about hot glue is that it is quite forgiving.  After it dries, if it didn't turn out well I could pull it off and do it again :)   You can also draw the image first on the cardboard before you do the hot glue part (I did that for the bird.)

3-To keep the Doodle Rubbing in place while coloring, use a paper clip or binder clip.
4-When coloring, encourage broad, lighter strokes.  The heavier strokes make it harder for the child to tell what the image is.

 You can use more than one color too in the rubbings.

The possibilities are endlessly fun with {This Little doodle Project}  I'm thinking of doing some dinosaurs and fossils next and also using this method when we learn about skeletons.

Making Doodle Rubbings of each child's name makes them feel really special.  Their eyes light up when they see their name come through!  

You could also make Doodle Rubbings as an activity when learning phone numbers, address, etc.  
Doing our Doodle Rubbings was fun partly because it feels like a secret message is coming through as you color over them.
Have fun creating some Doodle time for the little ones in your life!


Michelle said...

What an amazing idea...we will be trying this one very soon!!!!!!!

Amy said...

That is so smart! What a great idea! We will be trying this soon too! :)

theferrisoneofall said...

I'm going to go get my glue gun and make that part right now so it's ready for tomorrow morning! Thanks!

Bran said...

Great idea! I just made a set for my kids for a long road trip this weekend, they are gonna love it!

Jellyknees said...

Thanks so much for posting this. I used your idea for a craft/theme day today. We made fruit & veggie rubbings with crayon melts.

The Attached Mama said...

Fantastic Idea!

I just wanted to let you know that this article was featured on my blog! Thanks for the wonderful idea!

The Attached Mama.

Sheri said...

You have many wonderful ideas! I've really enjoyed browsing your site. I've posted a number of links to And I've set your site to follow. Thanks for sharing!

Patricia said...

Merci pour cette très bonne idée !

Michelle said...

Thanks for a fun project! I found your website through a recommendation from the Crafty Crow. We enjoyed following your excellent instructions (see results here:

Shannon said...

I tried this with my just turned 3 year old, but she was a little too young for it. Great idea though!

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Tam Tam said...

So I don't have a least not's in storage. BUT...I did have some Aleene's Quick Dry Tacky Glue. Used some on some cardboard. It's pretty awesome. It probably works better than hot glue gun because less comes out (maybe) and it settles down a little so it's not so high...which makes it the perfect height for shading with crayons. Just thought I'd let you know. I thought this was an awesome idea!

Michelle Griffo said...

This is a great idea! I am going to do this with my kindergarten class! I will link up to your blog when I do!

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Jonn Warne said...

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