The Secret to Easy Gingerbread Houses

Want to know the secret for making
quick and easy gingerbread houses?

This is the princess castle we made for Miss Kay's princess birthday party.
It took all of a few minutes to make-and that's only because it was a big castle.

At this time of the year you need a few extra minutes!

So {This Little Project} secret is...
Use your hot glue gun!

The kids don't eat the graham crackers anyway-it's more about the candy, right?
And you'll still get that "snowy" frosting look when the candy gets plastered on with frosting ;)

I'm lucky enough to be visiting Elspeth right now. We're having a great time doing {Little Projects} and our kids are having an awesome cousin reunion.

And we've got 13 gingerbread houses to make for an upcoming party.
If you're like us...consider the glue gun.
(And be sure to let the parents know)


Chelsey said...

What a great idea! Thanks!!!

jet said...

LOL awesome , must laught a lot when i read your secret solution. sooo smart of you.!!!

Salon Fan said...

Right when I read the little secret I laughed to myself because I thought of a poor innocent person trying to eat a house hot glued together!

Thanks for the laugh and tip.


Shellac Nails
Glitzy Gals Manager

Anonymous said...

How smart. Too late for me this year, but you can be sure I will use it next year!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, you are brilliant. I just found you on Pinterest, and I pinned your gluegun tracing activity. If you don't mind, I'd love to share your gingerbread tip on my facebook page. I have a lot of mommy blogger followers who were really struggling with their ginger houses this year. I think they'd love this tip!
I'm looking forward to checking out more of your blog! Love what I see so far!

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