Invention Box: Snowmen!

I was looking at our Invention Box the other day and decided we needed to do a {Little Project} because it was starting to overflow! 
Little Ellie is loving her baby puffs right now and I couldn't toss these when they had such a fun "snowman" shape!  So I came up with these snow men for Jay and Kay to make.  

So {This Little Project} all started with these 3 things from the Invention box:

To make {This Little Project} you need:
"Puffs" container-we used one of each brand, but the Meijer brand actually has more of a "three snow-ball shape."


1 toilet paper roll (for the hat)

chenille stem (for the arms)

permanent markers

felt (for scarf)


1- Unwrap the plastic on the puffs containers and draw your snowman face on.

2- cut your toilet paper roll 2" high for the hat

3- trace the circle of the toilet paper tube and cut it for the top of the hat.  Tape it on.  Double sided tape works best for attaching this part of the hat to the top of the lid.
4- I used scissors to punch a little hole on each side for the arms.  A drill would work too.  

5- Cut the chenille stem in half and put thread one piece for each side.  Bend the arm part inside down so that it won't slide back out.

6- Tie the scarf on (I cut a thin piece about 10 inches long)

And there you go-a fun {Little Project}!  But be careful about taking your eye of your little one while they have markers-Miss Kay went a little crazy-though she loves how it looks :)

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