Valentine Countdown!

We're starting {This Little Project} at our house to countdown to Valentine's Day.  The words, "I love you so much" are 14 letters long-just right!  And the bonus for {This Little Project} is: it was all of $3 to make!  Seriously!  Gotta love that!

Each heart opens up and is the perfect size for a little "love note" or treat.

Want to make {This Little Project}
Here's what you need:


2 packages of plastic hearts (10 in each from Dollar Tree)

metal cookie sheet (it's kinda small-from Dollar Tree)

sticky-backed magnetic strip

A scrap of fun fabric (thin) or cute scrapbook paper

alphabet stickers (or vinyl)

number stickers (or vinyl)

First, arrange your hearts in the color pattern you want.  These 3 colors all came in the same package.  Attach the letters (I used stickers) to the outside of each heart box.

Then cut pieces of magnetic tape and attach them to the back of each heart.

Cut your fabric piece to be just a tiny bit bigger than the cookie sheet.  That way-no one will know that it's just a cookie sheet back there!  

The boxes are attached to THE BACK of the cookie sheet.  Since {This Little Project} is going in my music studio, I chose a scrap of music notes for the background.

Attach the numbers to the insides of each box for the countdown.

{Little Project Tip} If you use sticker numbers, keep in mind you'll need quite a few "1's"

Now arrange your fabric over the cookie sheet on a flat surface and then "stick" all the magnetic heart boxes in place.

Now is also the time to put something sweet in there.  A love note or quote for each day. 

 I'm putting a scripture about hearts and love in each one with an idea of how my kids can show love for someone or each other.  We'll open it each morning and have a fun challenge for showing love that day.

However you use your countdown, you'll probably be the only one that knows that-for how cute it turned out-it's only attached to a cookie sheet!  
Unless your friend makes one too :)

Enjoy, and spread some love!


CoastalCody said...

I love this idea. Although I am a bit confused on how come the numbers are not on the outside for the countdown, and the letters on the inside to reveal the final hidden message on Vday?

Erica said...

Very cute!!!

Jewels said...

love it

Jedda said...

CoastalCody: I left the letters on the outside because I would rather look at a message than the numbers each day-but that's just me. Doing it the other way would certainly be fun too!

phasejumper said...

Great idea! I love that I can use something inexpensive and also use Bible verses!

Anonymous said...

Counting down to Valentine's Day? I never thought of that - so cute! I'm featuring this in my Friday Favorites tomorrow!

mlg said...

Love this! I'd love to share it w/ my readers!

Katie from ABC&123: A Learning Cooperative said...

I love this idea. It turned out so cute! Thanks for linking up to Show and Tell!

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