On a Roll: Love Notes

These Valentines are On A Roll:
A Ribbon Roll!

I was looking through my invention box and saw all these different sizes of used up ribbon rolls that were tossed in there and I knew I had to write some "love" letters with them!  

If you want to give a valentine that's unique and FUN to get, {This Little Project} is for you!

Valentine's Day is "Love Day" but I like to use it as an excuse to say, "thanks for being in my life and making my world brighter."  
It's a chance to send a note (and photo of my kiddos) to grandparents, parents, siblings, and friends.  

Doesn't this look like a fun {Little Project} to get in the mail?  

Here's what you need to make 
{This Little Project}:

Discarded Ribbon Rolls-any size
Lined Paper
stamps, paper punches
whatever else you want to add!

First, trace around your ribbon spools and cut the circles out.

Then glue them onto the spools and have fun adding monograms, initials or an other decor with your stickers, stamps, paper, etc.

Next, cut a piece of your lined paper and make sure it fits inside the "roll" to replace the ribbon.

Then write your note. It's actually easier if you write your "love" letter first and then cut out the strips.  Just make sure that you don't let your letters "hang" down over the edge of the line-or they'll get cut off :)
{Little Project Tip}:  Be careful to keep them in order as you cut out the strips!

Tape ALL of the strips of paper together in order.  It will make one long line of "paper ribbon."

Then, tape the LAST strip of your letter onto the ribbon spool. 

Roll it all onto the spool.  The beginning of your note will be the last strip of paper that you roll on. 

Have fun sharing some LOVE!

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