Valentine Candy Math

Want to know how to make a {Little Project} more fun? 
Add the treat part to it!

 Lately, we've been "playing with our food."  I figure we may as well learn something while we're getting cavities, lol.

We like to play these games for Halloween, and Easter too.  
This time we added speaking in Spanish to the games.  Obviously, that's optional :)
For the first {Little Project} Jay and Kay estimated how many red (rojo) and silver (blanco) kisses were in the bag and wrote it down. 

Then they sorted them (I made two piles-one for each of them to sort so there weren't any tears involved) and as they sorted them the said the color in Spanish they were holding.


When they were all sorted we counted them (in Spanish) and wrote down the numbers.

Then we compared the count to our first estimation.  
There were actually 26 of each color!  
Jay was very close!

 This other {Little Project} is a game we like to play with  
conversation hearts.  
I use a cookie cutter to trace hearts of each color of candy onto paper.  Then the kids sort them by color (we said the colors in Spanish this time) and then count them to see which color has the most!

 It's also fun to graph them by color to "see" which color has the most 
(this photo is from our jellybean graphs)

When we finished playing math games they both asked,  
"Can we do this all again tomorrow?"
I guess that means it was a fun {Little Project}!


Jewels said...

It is funny that this is the very activity we are doing today at preschool for math. Love your ideas.


Company EIGHT said...

I've got to try this one--I'm marking it for this week! Thank you!

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