Don't Steal My Luck!

For years St. Patrick's Day was huge for me.  I taught Irish Step Dancing and it was reason to PARTY with every green treat we could think of and Dance a jig-Literally!!

Today we've been enjoying some Irish Step Dancing at home.  I'm the Movement and Music Feature Writer over at abcand123.

 I will be sharing some fun music and dance ideas there on Monday centered around Ireland and the traditions there.  Be sure to stop by!

While you are waiting for that fun, enjoy this fun game.  It's our St. Patrick's Day version of, "Don't Eat Pete!"  

We call it: Don't Steal My Luck!

It's fun to play with rainbow colored fruit loops, Lucky Charms or green m&ms!

And there are other fun things in the archives too ;)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Don't Steal my Luck!

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