Scripture Power Book Cover

This year Kay wanted to be able to take her own scriptures with her to church so she could have her "Scripture Power."  

At our church, the kids love the song, "Scripture Power." (If you want to hear this amazing song, here is the link-scroll down-they are in alphabetical order) 

Kay was sure that she was a big girl now and needed to take hers just like her big brother takes his to church each week. 

{This Little Project} turned out like this:


Other side:

I decided to make just a book cover-no zippers to try to sew in.  No loud velcro to open.  Just a simple cover to keep her scriptures safe and easy to carry for her.  She's been using it now for a few months and still loves it.  So it's safe to share {This Little Project} with you!

{This Little Project} is mostly repurposed! 

The pink outside is a "sweater" baby blanket that Kay had when she was a baby. It got a little hole in it but I just couldn't throw it out-I new it was destined to turn into another {Little Project} and it's meaningful to have it carrying her scriptures since I used to carry her in it.

The lining is from a shirt and the outside brown pocket is from a pair of pants. 

One of my favorite things

about sewing {Little Projects} with

repurposed materials 
is that they actually are 
easier to make!

I didn't have to sew that pocket! 

I just cut it out and put it on! 
The pocket is Kay's favorite feature!

See how I used the edge of the blanket?  That way I don't have to make it look good. It already does :) It's less work that way. When I do things like this I always wonder if I'm being smart or just LAZY!!

The polka-dot (from the shirt) is the lining.  I cut it from the bottom of the shirt-you know, the part that is already hemmed-so I didn't have to finish the edge that wraps over the edge of the book.  It already looks great!

I measured the lining longer so I could fold over the fabric to hold the book in place.  To put the outside and inside lining together, I sewed the outside and the lining right sides together and then turned it.  Just like you would if you were making a pillow.  Then after I turned it right side out I stitched around the edges again to hold the two pieces in place and give it more stability.

Decorating it was the most fun!  
I used nylon (invisible) thread to add the other details.  

And, if you are thinking, "But wait!  I have a BOY!"  

Here is how Jay's looks after 2 years of use!  I used wool felted from some wool pants for his and it's still in great shape after using it every day at home and each week at church for 2 years!

Jay likes his.  But, I must admit that being a girl sure looks more fun to me!

Now Kay's got her Scripture Power too!

Do you have yours?


Company EIGHT said...

I LOVE this, and I'm going to feature it! What a great idea!

Janet said...

You're cover is absolutely darling! I've been needing to make a cover for my daughter's scriptures, and I think I'll give this a try. Thanks!

Stephanie said...

This is amazing? Can I possibly add it to my 1 Month, $0 Craft budget challenge? I will give you credit back. Thanks,
Stephanie at Full of Great Ideas

Halfords said...

I love it! I want to make some of these for my kids!

Clemencia said...

This is Precious! what an awesome idea, to tell you the truth I find it a little intimidating how to make the lining, but I really would love to give it a try :) thanks so much for the inspiration :)

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