Quiet Books (for church)

Heather at Simply Fresh Designs has graciously shared theses books again with all of us, without the images this time, due to copyright issues-but you can add your own.

This is so kind of her.  She just had a new baby!  If you stop by be sure to thank her!
Here are the books she has available so far:

The Life of Christ

Teachings of Christ

We Believe
Old Testament

Book of Mormon Stories

Prophets and Apostles


I have been using these

darling "bright ideas" in the same way.  
I download them (free) from this site, print them as a photo,
and put them in a photo album book. 
(They are published each month in the Children's Friend magazine.)

I also put them out for our morning devotional.  I think the pictures help the kids remember the scriptures and I'm always amazed that my 4 year old can memorize a scripture a week.
The {little} things really do count!

These amazing printable church quiet books are designed by the incredibly talented and gracious Heather at Simply Fresh Designs.

Since I just traveled to see many friends and family I took 12 of them to give away.  So many people asked where I got them that I thought I should share it here too!   Thanks to my sweet friend Kierste at brown paper packages for introducing me to these.

Each of Heather's books is beautifully done and she graciously allows downloads of them for free so that you can print your own.  I so appreciate her sharing her talents!  What blessings these little books are for me, and so many friends and family members.

I realize that many of you aren't-but if you also belong to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints aka (Mormon) like I do-I think you will really like them too.  And if not, maybe the ideas you see will help you create something similar that your family will love.  I'm still looking for an an Old Testament one-so far just New Testament is available-so please share if you have ideas for Bible quiet books!

Heather has created 5 different books:

New Testament (This is her newest)

Prophets and Apostles

Articles of Faith

We Believe

The Book of Mormon

Heather designed them so you can download and then print them as 4x6 photos and slip them into a photo album book.  I found my photo books at the dollar store or at Walmart.  Does it get any easier than that?  {This Little Project} is easy!

Jay loves to read them.
 Kay likes to look at the pictures.
 And Ellie likes to turn the pages and eat them!

In other words, {This Little Project} is perfect for us!


Sasha said...

What a great idea! We are not Mormon but this idea will be very easy to transfer over to other areas. Thanks for sharing it. : )

Halfords said...

We love them!! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Do you still have the files for these quiet books? The link you provided no longer works. If you have them could you forward them onto me.
Thanks Stefanie

Sherrie said...

Do you still have the files? Can you e-mail them?


The Halls said...

Can I get the new testament one from you?? I have the others....but not this one. mr(underscore)4x4wife(at)yahoo(dot) com.


Haylee said...

If there is any way you would be willing to email me these files I would be so thankful! I've been searching for something like this for so long, and it would be a lifesaver :) My email is bluedaisy_23@hotmail.com Thanks SO much!

MommyN'Bliss said...

I would greatly appreciate it if I could get a copy of the files as well. Thank you for sharing (and the creator for creating) something so wonderful for our children!

Natalie said...

I don't know if you can still email the files, but if you can I'd love a copy as well. Thank you!

The Corbridges said...

These are incredible!! I have been (slowly) making pages like these forever and they are taking me so long! Would it be possible for you to email me a copy of the files? to tiffanyandjason@hotmail.com

Jedda said...

Friends, I'm sad to say that I don't have the files to share with you. In fact, I hadn't even finished downloading the last ones before they were pulled from her site. Hopefully they will become available to us all again. I would love to share them with new converts at church and kids that are just baptized. I guess we'll just have to wait and see....
Thanks for stopping by!

Carl and Steph said...

Re: Image copyrights

Are we allowed to re-insert the images and print? Was it just an issue with electronically posting the images? What's your understanding? Do you know where I could get more info? Thanks.

Jedda said...

@ Carl and Steph:
As I understood it, it seemed to be a distribution issue. You can check her site. I think you can add images and print and be fine :)

Tawnya said...

These are so wonderful!! Thank you so much for sharing them!

gilababe2010 said...

i was wondering if i add the photos to the pages using picasa do they still save as a 4x6 picture

Shelley said...

I am so excited to have all of your sacrament time quiet books! They are so wonderful! I am however struggling with getting the pictures on each card. I have both Picasa and Photoshop Elements. Can you please walk me through how to do one?

Thanks so much!!!


Kierstin Bailey said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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