Rice Krispie Sprinkle-Balls!

Confession:  I {LOVE} sprinkles.  
 I love them as in there is a canister of sprinkles to match every holiday of the year in my cupboard. 

I have been a devoted cupcake-maker since I was a kid just so I could use the sprinkles!

I was experimenting in the kitchen making Easter treats and found that my little rice krispie balls are perfectly sticky for holding onto my SPRINKLES too!

Want to see?

To make {This Little Project} you need:
rice krispie treats (follow directions on package)
SPRINKLES in a bowl!

{Little Project Tip:} you can make your rice krispie treats in the microwave (I always do).  Just put the butter and marshmallows in a microwave safe bowl for about 2 minutes (give or take) and watch them expand in the microwave.  My kids love watching them.  When every thing is nice and gooey take the bowl out and add the rice krispie cereal and stir.

To make the rice-krispie balls:
1- Rub some butter on your hands

2- Pat the rice krispie mixture into a ball in your hands. 

3-Dip the ball into the sprinkles on each side.

Ta Da!  FUN Sprinkled Treats!!

{This Little Project} was a yummy one!

These rice krispie sprinkle-balls fit perfectly into our Muffin Tin Lunch too!
And since I was on a sprinkle kick, I added some sprinkles to the yogurt too.  
Don't worry-my kids get plenty of sugar ;)

It's fun to have another excuse to make a treat with sprinkles!

1 comment:

Erica said...

super cute! we were going to have rice krispie treats this week when the missionaries come over - now i just might have to make these.

we love sprinkles around our house too - according to my little ones they're perfect on pancakes!

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