Travel-Sized Button Garden

We're getting ready to go visit grandma and grandpa-yay!  I made this Felt Button Garden about a month ago for Kay and it has been on vacation with us twice now.  

{This Little Project} is going with us again because it rolls up nice and small and is a great hands-on coordination builder for long car and airplane rides.

Want to make {This Little Project}?

You need:

Felt in a variety of colors



needle and thread

First I cut the shapes free hand and then stitched them onto a piece of felt by hand too, along with the buttons.  The whole thing took about an hour. 

It's fun to use a variety of colors and sizes for your buttons.

Then cut a little slit in each of your flower shapes so they can be buttoned on:

I think I may add some sunshine and a cloud sometime, now that it's looking warmer outside here.

Kay really enjoys playing with this and is getting really good and doing buttons.

Plus, it's kinda fun having a garden that can travel.  We're going to have to find someone to water our other one while we're gone.  


Ticia said...

That is so cute! I'm trying to decide if my kiddos would play with it enough for it to be worth doing......

Liz said...

Love this idea! Thanks!

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