Father's Day Photo Shoot

I have some EASY and QUICK ideas to share with you.  
As in 1-Hour Photo quick!

For Father's Day this year I took a photo of the kiddos with the letters D.A.D.  Taking them was hilarious.  Jay, Kay, and Ellie could find all kinds of things to do while holding their letter.  I'll share some of the out-takes with you...you'll get the idea for {This Little Project}!

{Little Project Hint} The letters can be found at a craft store-you only need to purchase one D.

I put these in a frame that will hold all 3 of them side-by-side. D.A.D. 

Sidewalk chalk can make a quick and easy message for your card.  Again, this isn't the "real" one (can you tell why?) but we're sending these to grandpas.  

Just print them quick at the 1 Hour photo (or think ahead so you don't have to!) and then put them in your frame or the mail.  Easy. Meaningful. Done!

Happy Father's Day!


Tanya Searle said...

I love this idea! I think I will do it too!

Carn Family said...

What a cute idea! If I had not just finished my present I would have done this...maybe next year.

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