New Projects to come...

We're getting started on our summer {Little Projects}.  One of them is dressing up our Sun Room and making it into a fun Playroom.  I'll share our favorite ideas with you as we go this summer. It's going to be a Party in the Playroom!

It's finally summer where we live!  I couldn't resist this photo of Ellie-here shirt says what I'm thinking!

I've had some requests to share more music ideas here.  Making music is one of our favorite {Little Projects} and we do it everyday.  I completed my degree in Piano Performance and Pedagogy (teaching) and love to make music with my kids.  So I'm excited to be sharing ways that you can enjoy music with yours.  

My Goal is just to share what we're doing and maybe it will inspire something that will work for your family.  I'll plan to do a Music at My House post on the first Monday of each month (coming up!)

In the meantime, you can check out the Music and Movement-in China 
ideas that I shared over at abcand123learning.  

If you have requests for anything specific you would like to see in the music series, please let me know!

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