Charming Reading Project

I like to keep my kids interested in all the fun things they were learning during the school year throughout the summer.  

{This Little Project} is for beginning readers.

Kay is starting to read and I wanted to do something to reinforce the sight words she reads.  I came up with {This Little Project} that I knew she would love because: 

1) it involves making something fun
2) She gets to wear her work
3) it shows her progress in reading and she can be proud of herself!

Do you know someone that would enjoy 
doing {This Little Project}?

Here is what you need:

chenille stems or 1/8" ribbon or narrow string

letter beads

"spacer" beads-something to go between your words

These "charm-style" letters I found at Walmart.  They come with numbers too!
Oh the possibilities!  Just looking at them I get excited!

I also got these wood alphabet beads.  There aren't nearly as many in the bag though.  Jay was disappointed by that.  The charms come with so many colors in the bag though that a boy or girl could have fun stringing them.

To make {This Little Project}:

First decide if you want a bracelet or necklace.

We used half of a chenille stem for each bracelet-size it to your child's wrist though.

Decide what words you are doing and get all the letters out.

String each word onto your bracelet or necklace.  Put a "spacer" bead between each word.  We used regular pony beads as spacers.

Be sure to bend the ends of the chenille stems back after you put all your beads on so the wires don't scratch.

{Little Project Hint} Kay was able to thread the chenille stems on her own.  If you use the ribbon/string your child may need some help.

Wear Your Words!

Kay got compliments wherever she went.  And people wanted to know what her bracelet or necklace said-which gave her even more practice with her new sight words!

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