Note Card Caddy

Sometimes I'm a sneaky mom.  
{This little project} looks like a box of fun stamps, cards, stickers, etc. 

But it is a disguise for teaching my kids how to write thank you notes and practice their handwriting and spelling.
We've been using it for a few months and they don't know it yet!

Even though I made {this little project} for the kids I decided that I had to make one for me too!  

At this time of year we take a little extra time to be grateful.  
{This little project} has made it a little easier 
to say "thank you" all year round.

Just today one of our neighbors gave Jay a plant (he loves plants!) when he came home he said, "Mom I should write her a thank you card."  That's music to a mom's ears.  

To make {this little project} 
I used a cleaning caddy because I love the handle and that it naturally separates all of our supplies.

Our Note Card Caddy has:
blank cards and envelopes (we send a lot of happy birthday cards too)
stamps and ink pads
colored pencils
postage stamps

And just this week I picked these up for $1 each at Michaels.  With these six stamps you pretty much have every occasion covered.

And if you are nervous about kids and stamps/ink, here is a {little project tip}: I keep a couple of my old t-shirts near this box.  The kids can slip it on over their clothes and slip it back off when they are done.  easy.

We also wet a paper towel to stamp the extra ink off of the stamp.  I love watching them learn to take responsibility for their things.

Actually, this Note Card Caddy is an extension of {this little project} from the past.  
There's nothing like a pen pal for making writing fun!

Even with all our technology, there's nothing like getting a hand-written note.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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Unknown said...

Sneaky parenting- my favorite! :0)

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