How to make a Leprechaun Trap (2 of them!)

Well, we didn't catch any leprechauns in our traps this year...but Jay's art teacher did such a good job designing them and Jay had so much fun setting them, that I had to share them anyway...for next year, right?

This first leprechaun trap has a clothes hanger attached behind the rainbow that is cut and bent to go under the green paper too.  The clothes hanger is bent to hold up the plastic container. 

The "pot of gold" has pennies in it to weigh it down to hold the string in place.  When the {little} leprechaun comes to snatch the treasure the trap (plastic container) will fall on him!  
The "gold" on top is a gold foil wrapper in a mound that looks like gold!

His teacher told him that leprechauns do NOT like rules.  So they made a sign to stay off of the grass, just to tempt them closer!  

This is the second trap they made:  It's from a 2 liter soda pop bottle.  They cut off the top and used a cottage cheese lid to go over the top and covered it with felt.  The gold on top is the pop bottle lid upside down with pieces of gold circle fabric in it.

When the leprechaun climbs the ladder (bamboo skewers, I think) he walks across the top to get to get to the gold and he falls inside!  They had cut a hole in top of the lid and holes in the felt but covered it with felt so he wouldn't know!

Kay and Ellie have had fun setting it off...or was it the leprechauns that had escaped?  

It's a good thing we still had our own leprechaun peg dolls in their village to play with so we're not too disappointed.  

And you know those {little} shamrock necklaces and skirts?  They made the front page of our local newspaper for St. Patrick's Day!

Good Luck catching some {little} leprechauns!

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