Leprechaun Land (in the village)

We've been playing with {little} people this week: the leprechauns have been at our house!

Jay has 2 leprechaun traps set in our house but those sneaky {little} leprechauns keep escaping when the traps go off (The traps he made at his art class are darling and I'll try to get some photos to share.)

Since we haven't had much luck catching them, we made our family into leprechaun peg dolls instead!

We have had so much fun with other {little} building projects in our village and playing with our pilgrim peg people in our Thanksgiving Village.   

So, naturally, we had to make a Leprechaun Land to add into our village.  For those of you who haven't seen our other village projects, it's kind of like a doll house, made into many houses.  There's so much more fun to have that way!

Want a tour of {this little} magical land?

You got it.

There's quite a bit of dreaming up that you can do with some felt and the invention box.

Here's how the leprechauns get from our land to theirs...
This magical lane was made from the side of a cereal box, and chenille stems, and then covered with some rainbow fabric.

This is a leprechaun apartment (cardboard covered with fabric).  
Here's a close-up:  leprechaun Ellie has a toadstool table, leprechaun Kay is taking a {little} nap.

Our toadstools (on the left) were drawer pulls painted by Jay and Kay.  The top of this house in the middle is from a top of a spray cool whip can.  Under that is a yogurt cup with part of a lei glued around the bottom of it.  The leprechauns like to hid in there with their gold!

We like to use scrabble tiles to practice spelling words while we play in our {little} land.

Are you wondering where all of the leprechaun gold came from?  It was a gold colored bead necklace that Jay and Kay cut up to put in their {little} buckets.  It's perfect!

Kay likes to count the gold...

And Ellie likes to dump it...and gather it....and dump it...

We made a paper towel tube into a rainbow that they can slide down.  Right now it looks like they land in the swimming pool when they come out!  But there's gold there too, as promised!

Here's our family turned into {little} leprechauns.  

Jay told me that he read in a book that there are no girl leprechauns--it's strictly a guy thing.  Whatever.  As if girls always have to be pretty little fairies....

So I'm on the lookout for a book that includes the female gender in the leprechaun tales.  Let me know if you know of any!

 I love seeing {little} minds and hands busy imagining and learning.  So {this} was definitely a lucky {little project}. 


Michelle Griffo said...

This is adorable! Looks like the kids had fun!


Apples and ABC's

Shanny said...

If I'm remembering right, Artemis Fowl has a girl leprechaun. . .

And wikipedia tells me it's true. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Holly_Short

Of course, Artemis Fowl isn't a folk tale, but still :)

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