Shamrock Necklace and Dress Up

For St. Patrick's Day my mom sent the cutest little shamrock skirts for Kay and Ellie.  

My mom is an amazing seamstress.  And since I was an irish step dancer for many many years, we take the holiday seriously and get all decked out.  Actually, we don't need much excuse for a party around here--we love to have an extra reason for fun!

We made {little} shamrock necklaces to go with the skirts she sent.  
These shamrock necklaces are super easy and quick to make!

Just take a sparkly chenille stem and bend it in half.  That's the top of the shamrock.  Basically you shape 3 hearts after that.  The part that is left is the stem and you twist it together to close it up.  We used green yarn to hang it.

Jay didn't get a skirt, but he wasn't going to be entirely left out of {this little project} so he got one too.

We certainly have some silly {little} leprechauns around here!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

1 comment:

Mimi said...

You guys are so festive! That last picture of Ellie's face made me laugh out loud. I love all the personality in your house!

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