Good Luck Treat Tag Printable

This past week was a {little} extra busy around here.  We had our Nana here, celebrated Ellie's birthday, and all my piano students completed a major national piano test.  I'm a nationally certified teacher in piano performance and {LOVE} teaching.  But this test was not for the faint-hearted!

This test pulled out all the stops with testing in performance, sight reading, theory, transposition, technique, and ear training.  I've never heard so many talented pianists in one day before.  These kids were amazing and worked so hard.  It was more of a {little} by {little} kind of project, since it added up to a big day!

I wanted to send my students with a {little} extra luck so I sent them home with {this little} good luck treat at their lesson.  

Here's a little money-saving tip: I love to buy extra bags of m&m's after Christmas when they are on sale.  I pull out the red ones for Valentine's Day and the green ones for St. Patty's day.  This year I got extra bags of mint m&m's and there were white and green together in them.  I knew they would be perfect for {this little project} in March...and don't worry, the expiration date on those bags of yummy Christmas m&m's isn't even close yet!

For {this little project} I used the "fonts for peas" fonts by Kevin and Amanda on the gift tag.  They are some of my favorite fonts and they are free to download!  

March seems to be a busy month with all kinds of reasons to send some good luck vibes so I'll share the tag so you can send some good luck too!


These {little} tags are simple to make: punched circle, sticker shamrock, green baker's twine, and a printed green tag (above), with green and white m&m's.

Have fun sending someone some extra luck!

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