He Is Risen and More Bible Videos

Our family is looking forward to witnessing my sweet {little} niece's baby blessing on Easter Sunday.

This Easter has been a little different for us.  We're usually at home, not in a hotel room at Easter time.

But even on the road, in our family scripture time we've been able to talk with our kids about Easter and what it really means.
As Jay told me yesterday, "It isn't anything about eggs and bunnies.  It's about Jesus!"

Tonight we watched He Is Risen online with our kids about what Easter is all about right in our hotel room.  
And it didn't matter that we are here instead of home.  

The powerful message that He is Risen is true everywhere.


I'm always amazed at how the {littlest} among us know.

For instance, 
here is Ellie's (2-year-old) narration during the short He Is Risen movie:

At the start: "Mommy!  Daddy!  Happy!  Jesus!"

During the Last Supper: "Light!"

While Jesus is being whipped: "Oh no!"

When the crown of thorns is placed on Jesus' head: "Jesus owie!"

When they drove nails through Jesus' hands and feet: "Jesus owie.  Mommy Daddy owie."

When Jesus is at the tomb, after the 3rd day when he is resurrected: "Jesus!"

Out of the mouth of babes.

I picked up this book a couple of weeks ago and have really enjoyed it and recommend it.

God So Loved the World: The Final Days of the Savior's Life 

Besides going through each day or Holy Week with scriptures, maps and insights, The author points out that Gorden B. Hinckley said, "There would be no Christmas if there had not been Easter."  I don't think we often think of the events in that order.  
Christmas seems to get so much more attention, and yet we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus because His atonement and resurrection means so much to mankind.

A {little} something I've been thinking on this year.  Somehow, when your regular traditions are thrown up the air, you start to really think about those traditions a {little} more ;)

For more fabulous bible videos, see biblevideos.org

Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

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