Spring Marshmallow Pops

My {little} ones like to be in the kitchen "helping" me.  
So {this little project} is fun for me because I can easily include them too.  


I love all the different shapes of marshmallows in the spring.  
We just found some flower ones at the dollar store--of all places--that I'm using for another learning {little project} with Kay.  

Shown here are bunnies and ducks.  

To make {this little project}
Prepare your marshmallows with sucker sticks in them

Then simply melt some chocolate and put it in a shallow dish.  

Dip one side of the marshmallow in the chocolate and then sprinkle it (or let the kids!)

Then rest them on a tray to cool.

Every treat is just a {little} more fun to eat on a stick, right?

And my kiddos have no problem reusing their sticks to put another marshmallow on!

 'Tis the season for a yummy {little} project!

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