Spring Birds!

I've been meaning to share a {little project} we've been enjoying with birds for the past 2 weeks.  We've been watching LIVE bird cams that stream live video of a Great Blue Heron and it's egg in it's nest!
a Red-tailed Hawk and the eggs in it's nest!

My kids love watching the birds talk care of their nest and trying for a peek at their eggs.  You see different kinds of behavior watching at different times of the day.

Here's the link for the Great Blue Heron nest.
And Here's the link for the Red-tailed Hawk nest camera.
To go along with our bird learning, we've been enjoying 
As well as some of these other {little} birds projects:
birdie Baby toy
a fun art project
bird nest cookies (great for using up left over Easter candy :) 
baby birds and their nest
their nests are easy to make with yarn! 
Edible bird's nest
another good one for using up peeps and candy.  


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Company EIGHT said...

We have a nest with blue eggs on top of our front door wreath! The mama bird hates it when we open the door, but I don't want to move her nest. It's been fun to watch!

We'll have to go check out those links...

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