This year is 100 days old!

Jay came running down the stairs this morning to tell me that today is the 100th day of the year!
I'm glad we made it back in time from our trip because we have a tradition of celebrating this day. 

 It's kinda like the 100th day of school for us.  We'll take any excuse for a party!

I've got a few {little projects} up my sleeve for this year...

Right now Jay and Kay are outside picking 100 dandelions.  It's always nice to sneak some yard work into learning--hehe.  Not that picking dandelions really counts....

Today's events will include a few projects en espaƱol since I'm feeling extra sneaky.

I'll try to share a few of our 100th day {little projects} in the coming days.

In the meantime, check the archives for more 100 day ideas of how to celebrate too!

List of  ideas from 2011 
List of  ideas from 2010
List of  ideas from 2009

Also, I recently picked up this CD of the 5 Browns, a group of 5 amazing pianists all in one family.  It was the prefect listening as we rolled through beautiful Pennsylvania this past week.  5 Browns with 10 fingers each.  That gets you 50 fingers.  Listen to 2 tracks and it's like 100 fingers...kinda.

p.s. Don't forget to enter the My Memories Scrapbook Suite Giveaway so you can preserve 100 memories ;)

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