How to make Toilet Paper Roll Pumpkins

Last week I was helping the young women at church learn to made these quick and easy pumpkins.
The fun thing about {this little} pumpkin patch is that no one will guess that inside each {little} pumpkin is a roll of toilet paper!
Since I had so much fun making pillow slipcovers with bandanas I decided that my {little} pumpkins would look cute dressed up in a bandana too!
I made them to go in our music room.  Halloween matches the piano so nicely ;) 

Here's what you need to make {this little project}
a bandana (or fat quarter of fabric) or repurpose-see below
a roll of toilet paper
Ribbon (about 15 inches)
 a sheet of newspaper
a branch/stick

 A bandana is a really great size for these pumpkins.  And a fat quarter works great (18x22") too.  But actually, when I worked with the young women we made these by repurposing shirts.  A t-shirt, an orange sweater, black velvet, etc.  They turned out really fabulous with a lot of different textures!
Just cut your shirt to be about 18"x22".
Now, on to how to make a toilet paper roll pumpkin!
1- We did a little bending of the toilet paper roll to disguise it.  Under the roll is a piece of newspaper.  The bandana is under that.  The side you want to see on the outside is facing down to the table.
2- Starting with the shorter sides, pull up parts of the newspaper and fabric and stuff it inside the middle of the toilet paper roll.
 3- After the shorter sides are in, stuff the longer sides in.
4- After all the paper and fabric is inside, stuff your stick/branch (or dowel) inside the roll to help hold the fabric in place.
5- Then tie a little ribbon around the stick.
That's it!

These also make fun {little} gifts.  I took a bandana one to a friend yesterday and she loved it.  She was so surprised when I told her what was inside  :)

Now you can go make your own {little} pumpkin patch!

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Summers Family said...

so cute! i'm doing this for activity days this week.

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