Organizing...part 2: the Book Boxes

We just got back from a week trip visiting and being spoiled by family who just HAPPEN to have an IKEA store nearby. Lucky them. So I had to make a trip to get THESE.
They are going to be the perfect solution to our book mess. I've been waiting to get them because you can't order them online :(

Well, we are back and I should have gotten more! I started to make my own instead, with directions below, incase your life needs a little organizing project too :)  It is a great re-use/go green project too!  These little boxes are great for organizing magazines, office supplies, etc.  So have fun with them!

1- Start with the biggest cereal boxes you can find.  We have a lot of naked bags of cereal around here!  Be sure to hold the books up next to the box before you start.  You don't want to finish and find out that the box you picked is too small.

Note: my Rice Krispies and Chex boxes were a little smaller because they aren't as deep but would be fine for smaller books. My BIG Cheerios box was my favorite-nice and big! :)

Be sure that you also have these on hand: packing tape and scissors.

You will also need some 12"x12" scrapbook paper if you want them to look cute.

2-Undo your cereal box so it looks like this:
3- Fold all of the creases backwards because you will be turning the box inside out.  It's easier to fold them back now and it makes your final box look a lot better.

4- I used the IKEA boxes to trace the pattern onto the cereal boxes.  If you don't already have some magazine files on hand, you will want to have the front be at least 4 inches tall and then slope it to the back.  It helps to have a template so that you can trace it the same for both sides and they will match when you put the box back together.
5-Draw your template on both sides like this:
6-Then cut it out so it looks like this:
6.5- If you want "cute" boxes you should trace this cardboard template onto scrapbook paper and glue the paper onto the box before continuing.  I was going more for function, so I added just a touch of cover up at the end-see below.
7- Now you are going to tape it back together.  I found that it was easiest to tape the bottom of the box first, starting with the little flaps like this.  Be sure to fold your tape back on itself or trim it, otherwise your books will stick!
8- Now tape the front of the box.  You will want to check and make sure that both ends match from when you traced your template.  You can trim them a little before you tape if they need it.
9- If you don't want to read the nutritional facts every time you look at your cereal/book box you will want to do the next step: trace the back of the box onto 12x12" scrapbook paper.  Then cut your strip (I got four from one piece of paper) and glue it to the inside/back of the box.  

Here is what they look like next to the IKEA box BEFORE that piece of scrapbook paper, not bad right?

Here is what they look like with that extra strip of paper as the back drop to the books:
I think they will look better on the shelf that way.  You could also just cut the boxes down without taking them apart, and then you could cover the outsides instead.  I may try that next time.

Here are the categories we chose.  Jay helped with the stickers :) We are still filling the boxes!
ART: coloring books, etc.  I am also using another one to organize our paper, stickers, craft foam sheets, etc.
SCIENCE: Dinosaurs, fact books, etc.
HISTORY: US, World, Presidents, etc.
BODY: bones/parts of the body books
SHAPES and COLORS: worksheets to practice drawing, books, etc.
ANIMALS: National Geographic Magazines we picked up at the library, other animal books
SPANISH: 1st-teaching tools, 2nd-books to read in Spanish.
TIME: telling time, days of the week, calendar, etc.
SPELL/READ: Letters, Alphabet, Reading tools
MATH: counting, match resources
MUSIC: books about instruments and composers
HOLIDAY: Books that are seasonal
I hope this is a useful organizing Little Project for you.  Now we just need to get them all situated on the book shelf.  UPDATE: they're up!

I put coordinating "subject bins" on the top shelf. I am excited to be able to "see" what we have and be able to find it when we need it.  These categories are separated according to our home learning rotation.  For ideas about how to organize your home learning subjects rotation...stay tuned for another Little organizing Project post :)


claw said...

Wow Jedda, barely home and already organized! This is great. I'm glad you arrived safe and sound and we sure had fun while you were here.

Christine said...

That's a wonderful project and it's not just for kids. However, if you have kids you would have more cereal boxes.

mushroommeadows said...

This is an awesome project; we go through so many cereal boxes here...I need to try this out! :)

emegren said...

I love your boxes! I need to start saving some big cereal boxes! I was thinking contact paper in cute prints would be fun to cover them, too!

Healthy Grocery said...

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