My Laundry Secret Weapon

Today's Tips and Tricks Feature is about my Stainbuster Bag. It's the secret weapon of my laundry room.

Have you ever put something through the washer and meant to check to see if the stain came out...but you forgot and now there is a permanent record to prove that you forgot: a stain melted right to the front of what used to be a cute outfit! It's the worst way for clothes to go from "cute" to "you can only wear it when finger painting or playing in the mud."

Sometimes going through everything in the washer to find "the one" thing you need to check can be such a pain.  It's so easy to forget to do too!

This is my secret weapon to solve that problem: Meet my "Stainbuster Bag."

Most people think this little mesh laundry bag is for things like tights or bras, etc. At my house it gets a lot more use as "The Stainbuster Bag." I try to pre-treat everything that has a stain on it the night it comes off (hopefully) so that it doesn't even make it into the dirty clothes hamper. I try to catch those stained clothes and take them right to the laundry room.  There they wait for a turn in the Stainbuster Bag.

But, the problem is that I've had equal luck with every pre-treat stain remover I use: sometimes the stain comes out on the first wash. Sometimes it doesn't. 

The thing that has changed is that everything that has been pre-treated for a stain in the load  goes into my "Stainbuster Bag."

With this little bag is SO EASY to find and check to see if those stains came out or not. No sifting through all the other clothes to make sure. Now I just look through my Stainbuster Bag. If it comes out clean, into the dryer it goes. If it doesn't, I put a little more stain remover on it and it waits for another turn in the "Stainbuster Bag."

I've saved myself a lot of guilt with this little bag. It was well worth the $1 I spent on it and has saved me a ton of $ in having to replace stained clothing.

Laundry isn't my favorite {Little Project}, but the Stainbuster Bag has improved it!


Kelly said...

This is such a great idea. I just might have to do get my own "Stainbuster Bag"

Jerri said...

This is such a great idea! I am implementing this system today! Thanks.

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