Party HELP!?

It just hit me that Kay's birthday is coming up (I still have a few weeks) which means I need to start thinking about a party. I was just browsing Kara's Party Ideas...sheesh that girl is amazing! She did a barnyard party, which got me thinking that my little Kay's favorite things right now are: PIGS and PINK. The pigs things kind of drives me crazy! But it's her phase right now.

So now I guess I'm on a mission to see what I can do to come up with a pink pig theme for her party. Any ideas? I'm starting to feel overwhelmed already!  

Honestly, getting the details of how to feed and invite everyone is only the first step.
What am I going to do with everyone (and their parents) once they get here??
PLEASE share your tips and ideas!


Ticia said...

No real suggestion, but maybe try looking up Olivia parties? Don't know if your daughter likes the books, but I"m sure there's a ton of ideas out there. It could make a super cute little girl's party.

Jedda said...

I hadn't thought of Olivia-great idea. And thanks to Arianne, who sent these great links!
Hey I found these cute pig cupcakes you could do

also check out this for some cute barnyard party ideas. I think it sounds pretty cute.

Tricia said...

There's a game called Pass the Pigs that would be fun to play - and the piggies are pink. :^) It's sort of like a dice game, iirc.

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