Game Time!

Tomorrow is National Family Game Night so I thought I would share a few fun and easy games that have been fun for our family (and don't cost anything.)

I picked up these paint chip cards at Home Depot a few months ago when Kay was learning her colors. They are free at the store and with two of each color we used them to make a memory game.
I used a black marker to cover the name of the colors on the back.
It is still a favorite game-with the kids searching for their FAVORITE colors!
Laminating the cards to make them last longer too!

One of our other favorite games is DON'T EAT PETE! It is fun with any age group. I've included links to game boards you can print out and use below. I'm working on making a game board with pictures of our extended family for the kids to use to remember names of family members. It will be so fun to here them say, "Don't eat Grandma!"

How to Play "Don't Eat Pete!"
This is such a great game because it's EASY (and tasty too!)  Just cover each box on the game board (see the links below) with some small food. You can go healthy or make it a treat. Things that work well are: cheerios, raisins, cereal pieces, m&m's, candy corn, etc. Then send one person out of the room and choose which box on the game board is "Pete." When the person comes back in they can eat one at a time until they get to "Pete." Then everyone one yells, "Don't eat Pete!" and you recover the board with snacks and send the next person out. The great thing about this game is every age can enjoy playing.

For game boards you can go with plain, or add a teaching moment into it. This Etsy shop game board would be great for working on number recognition.

If you have girls in your family, check out this American Girl game board :)

And for chocolate fans, this one or this would be for you.

Here is a plain board too, if that is your style.

Have fun playing and spending time with your family! Let me know what your favorite games are too!

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Anonymous said...

thank you for the references.
my daughter made a memory gamer inspired by the flower fairies: on one card she drew the fairy and on the other she drew the matching flower.
you can see it here:


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