Personalizing Project and Gift!

One of my new favorite words is "repurpose."  I have found some great treasures to repurpose with and share with you.  The first is Scrabble Game tiles.
I just started collecting this series of children's books and needed a fun thing to put on the shelf with them.  Did you know they make great bookshelf decor!?

 These Scrabble book markers are a fun way to break up books on your bookshelf and make a great personalized gift. (My sister was here last week and had just had her birthday.  I made little bookshelf markers with each family member's name on them for her-and she loved them!)

You can also use them to separate genres of books.  

To make yours, you need a Scrabble game and a hot glue gun.  Lay out the word on the stand before you begin to glue.  Center the letters.  Then glue them on.
Simple. Easy. Done!  Enjoy {This Little Project} for yourself or as a personalized gift!

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