Password Protected

Tuesday's Tip and Tricks Feature: Remembering your passwords and login

Do you ever go to log into a website, only to have forgotten what your login or password? My mind is already filling with places that need my password:
Amazon, email, picassa, ebay, paypal, facebook, Technorati, bloglines, etsy, bank accounts, cell phone account, etc. there are a TON of places!  

It's a lot to keep track of.  It's possible to memorize the most important, but for the rest I trust the memory to my little notebook.  This little friend sits next to my computer.  When I can't remember the password or log in, all I have to do is flip to the page that I wrote it on when I registered at the site.  No more forgetting.  I feel like I'm in control of all this information I need to access instead of wondering what password I used this time...

This notebook in the photo above is from this etsy shop.  Something fun to write them in might remind you about how handy it will be later.  

By the way, today's date is's always fun to have a reason to celebrate-will you be having a number nine party too?

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