Pretty Threading Activity

Today we did a threading activity that even turned out pretty :)  This will make a fun playdate activity coming up.  

To make yours, you will need: chenille stems, silk flowers that have been taken apart (think dollar store) and colored straws that have been cut into pieces about 1 inch long.  If you have large sequins those are fun to thread on too!

Jay opted for the nonflower look.  He threaded straw pieces onto 2 of the chenille stems and then we hooked them together to make a necklace.

Kay went for the pretty look with flowers threaded between her colored straws.  The chenille stems are very easy to thread things onto.  The ends of can be kind of scratchy so be sure to bend the ends down before you twist them together to make a bracelet.  

Enjoy this {Little threading Project} with your little one!


Anonymous said...

threading is always a winner in our house. when there is nothing to do there is always threading...different pastas can be used as beads as well.

Carn Family said...

Looks like fun. I am so THRILLED to hear about your offer. Let us know when you make your decision. We would love to see you back here but I think you already know that :)

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