Birthday Girl's Dress-Up

I'm so lucky to have my sister in town right now! Mine and my husband's family lives about 2 day's drive away so it is such a treat to have family around. I don't write much for you though....for instance, Kay's party happened back at least a week ago and I have yet to tell you about all the fun we had! You may remember that she is in LOVE with PIGS right now....

So for starters, since I'm off in a minute to go hang out and eat ice cream with my sister, here is a some fun I had with her little birthday outfit. The really fun part for me is that the skirt is made entirely out of my old clothes!! My "new" favorite trick is to use "old" to make "new!" I love the challenge that it brings as well as the benefit! Here is the BEFORE photo

Those are the polka dot capris I had in high school...can you believe I wore those!? Let me tell you-they were AWESOME to go disco skating in the black light with! My sister had the same ones, only with blue dots-we looked great (back then). But they have been sitting in my dresser for years and when I went through my closet because I was too pregnant to wear any of my old stuff I decided that I couldn't think of a reason to keep them :( I also pulled out a ton of old T-shirts and was about to put them in a sack to take to the thrift store when I realized that THEY WERE ALL PINK!!! and WHO LOVES PINK? My little KAY!

So they stayed home afterall and look at them now! The ruffle is from a pink T-shirt and those capris made a cute little 2 and skirt :)

Since we already had the shirt, her new birthday outfit cost absolutely ZILCH! Happy Birthday to the Budget :)
Oh, and these are the little Piggies I made to go in her Piggy Tail hair...
I made one to go on her shirt too-but with velcro so I can take it off to wash it. (She takes if off too to give it hugs!) I'll put a few in the store for you ;)
And I had a great time making doesn't hurt that I get to relive memories when she wears her outfit either :) There is just something so fun about getting to dress up your little girl, don't ya think!

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Mama Jenn said...

What a cute idea repurposed outfit. I have "attempted" at repurposing some of my kids clothes but they haven't come out this cute! You have inspired me to give it another try!!! {smile}

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