New Growing Walls

With Kay's birthday just around the corner I am finishing up a few {Little Projects}.  As a kid we had a "Growing Wall" where we would mark everyone's heights. It was fun to see what height each child was at each age-we lived there for 20 years and loved to compare them! But we moved and "The Wall" is gone...painted right over! Tragic! It would have been so fun to be able to compare my heights as a kid to my kids' as they grew...

I'm determined not to loose our "Growing Wall" so I have been working on creating one for Jay and Kay. But I decided it would be even more fun to SEE what they looked like at that height too. So our new birthday tradition will be to mark the growing wall and put a birthday photo in-I made places for up to 18 years old. We can take our "Growing Wall" with us when we move in a couple of months.

Below are some photos of Kay's Growing Wall. Jay's is the same, only blue wood. I'm considering doing baby #3's right now while I'm at it...I don't think I've mentioned that...but baby #3 will be here in March. And I may as well get 3 Growing Walls done now!

Here are some tips if you would like to create a Growing Wall too:
I picked up a board from the hardware store that is about 5.5" across and 5' tall. It's pretty thin...maybe half inch? We will hold it up 2 feet from the floor when measuring. It's painted with acrylic paint.

I used "Kwikits" to hold the pictures-just glued to the board. Kwikits are kind of like the photo holders you get in your wallet to hold photos. I picked these up at the scrapbook store and then cut them apart and glued them where I wanted them.

The frames are "Inpirables" glued on as well. I picked these and the mini clip board holders up at a scrapbooking outlet in Utah a year ago. By the way, Utah is the scrapbooking capital of the world. So if you get to visit take advantage!

I used a silver sharpie marker to do the height lines (I penciled them first).

Inside each of the Kwikits is a piece of card stock with a sticker and number representing each age. We will just add a photo to make our Growing Wall into a photo album too!

Enjoy making a fun place to celebrate your little one and a fun yearly tradition with your growing wall {Little Project}!


Amy said...

Oh my goodness you have read my mind! I was just thinking about doing this exact same thing for my kids. My parents too had a growing wall in their house (which sadly they are moving from in two weeks after 32 years in the same house!) We are trying to move to a new house soon so I was thinking of doing your exact project so I could take the growing wall with us when we move.
Congrats on baby #3! So excited for you! Hope you have been feeling okay. :)

Lisa-Marie said...

I LOVE this. We have a growing wall, but it is ON the wall. Now, I'm feeling sad about it. This is brilliant!

Thank you for all your great ideas. I read this blog all the time, but don't comment very often.

I know showcase giveaways and good deals on your blog on Friday. I just wanted to tell you I'm having a giveaway for Breast Cancer Awareness month and thought you might want to include it. (IF you want, of course.)

Thanks again for your great blog and I'm going to be better about commenting.

Mama Jenn said...

I am new to your site and I just wanted to say that I am LOVING this idea! I can't wait to make it for my five little ones! Unfortunately, we have not started a growing wall (I do remember having one as a child and it being gone when we moved...which is why I have not started one for my kids...though my daughter has asked for one!) But, I LOVE this idea!!! I will have to go back through my files to find their medical records to that I can "catch up" their heights! {smile}

Love you blog by the way!!!

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