Friday Favorites and Freebies-Halloween Edition

There are so many great ideas to celebrate right now. I'm not big into Halloween but I love the leaves, the colors, and the treats that come along with this time of year. Have a Fantastic Friday!

These "Monster Gift" Treats are so cute-a great neighbor gift!

A great recycling craft for the season to do with the kids that looks GREAT!

So many great Halloween ideas to be found from this great set of sisters. Go check them out-decor, eats, games, crafts for the kids, etc.

Lots of great fun with faces for little ones who might not be ready for a pumpkin carving knife here!

So many yummy treats to make and share-I can't decide which to first-This one or That one? Both would be better!

Grab an "I've been featured" button if you made the Favorites today!

1 comment:

elspeth said...

I cooked a few pumpkins and made pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread for our halloween treats. I think making pumpkin from scratch is so yummy it will be a family tradition.

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