Tricky Toast

Happy 1st Day of October! Here is an idea for some tricky toast. Jay has been so hungry lately (I think he's going through a growth spurt) that we've been adding extra to his breakfast and he really liked this. Sorry for the bad photos lately, my camera is having issues... It's a nice orange looking meal.

Use a festive cookie cutter on your bread.

Lightly butter both sides of your bread and crack an egg into the center of a pan (use a little cooking spray beneath where the egg will land so you can flip it easier.)  Cook one side then flip and cook the other side.  This will be a sunny-side up egg.

Serve with some cantaloupe for a nice orange October breakfast :)
Enjoy a yummy {Little Project}


Tracey said...

I'm so glad I peeked at my email first thing, I am off to make this now!

Anonymous said...

you brought me back 30 dad used to make this for me for dinner. we used to call it an egg in the nest.

Adriana said...

My husband does these for the boys all of the time and they LOVE them.

Katie said...

That IS a fun orange meal! Have you sent it to ABC & 123 for our upcoming orange post? We always have trouble finding color posts. Email us a link!

Multi-tasking Mommy said...

Thanks for this great idea. I love it! Hopefully it will help my daughter want to eat today. She's not feeling well.

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