Leaf People for Little People

We spent the day yesterday and today raking leaves...we have a ton more to go still! Can you find Jay in this photo? All these leaves led to a little leaf activity fun!

First we collected and then sorted the leaves by size.

The kids chose one bigger leaf and 4 smaller leaves. These make the head, hands, and feet.
We also picked up small sticks from branches on the ground to use for the body and limbs.

Some glue and paper turned these into leaf people! Here is Jay:

And here is Kay:
It's funny how much personality came out in the leaves and sticks they chose. Kay dances everywhere and she HAD to have a pink leaf for her "head."

I think we may finish up with a family portrait of leave people for fun :) Enjoy This Little Leaf People Project!


Good Life 2 Go said...

I just found your blogger and really like it. I will come back more often.

Company EIGHT said...

LOVE the leaf pics...I must try this with my girls!!

♥ meninheira ♥ said...

I love the first picture! :)

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