Edible Tree Art

Do you want to know a trick for teaching kids to draw a tree? Start by drawing a seed at the bottom and then "grow" the tree up with a straight line from that. Then start at the seed again and move up the tree trunk to add more branches. The trunk will naturally get thicker as the tree "grows" bigger and ends up proportionate to the tree.
Cool huh?
No more tree trunks with a bushy top for you. You get the real deal with this trick. I learned that little trick in 2nd grade and had fun teaching Jay and Kay. Kay added some other "decorations" too :)
The next part of our {Little Project} was inspired by this song about blossoms looking like popcorn. Kids love this song and it's so fun to sing while doing this activity!

We turned art-time into snack-time after we glued popcorn onto our trees with Elmer's glue. Just put a little pool of it on a plate and let the kids dip and place it on the tree.
(I have no idea what is up with this photo going sideways.)

When the trees are done "blossoming" you can go outside and take photos of the blossoms on your trees and have a yummy snack of left-over popcorn blossoms.
It's a yummy {Little Project :}

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