Alphabet Matching with Plastic Eggs

Kay has got her capital letters down and we are working on lowercase letters. {This Little Project} was a fun way to practice matching them.

I picked up a bag of 2 dozen smaller plastic eggs. A sharpie marker works well to write the uppercase letter on the top half and the lowercase letter on the bottom half. With 24 eggs you get almost the whole alphabet. You get to choose which 2 letters get left out :)

Since 24 is a lot for a little person to sort through, I split the group in half and gave 12 to Jay and 12 to Kay. After awhile we switched eggs.

(sorry I can't get this photo to turn)

Just put the "bottoms" in one pile and the "tops" in the other pile. The played for a long time on multiple days with this game!

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Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Awesome!! Found your blog via GirlCreative... and you are doing some very similar things with your kiddos as I am with mine. :) I love this age, and their curiosity about everything. And how they are sponges for learning new things. I am following! Love some of the kiddo projects I'm seeing here already. Happy Easter!


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