Springtime Sensory Skills

We've had fun with These {Little Projects} for springtime. If you have little ones around they may enjoy these too :)

Fine Motor Building Skill: Easter Egg transfer
The little eggs and baskets are from Hobby Lobby. You could also use jelly beans (but I knew ours would be gobbled up). Use a spoon to transfer the eggs from the bowl to the little basket. Count as you go. You can also do addition and subtraction using the baskets to hold different numbers of eggs.

Springtime Sensory Box
Make colored rice and add bottles, baskets, buttons, beads, beans, scoops, spoons, and little treasures. This never gets boring at our house! I will post how to make your own rice sieve next week. It's a fun addition to your sensory box.

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Unknown said...

I just want you to know how MUCH I appreciate all your good ideas!

In fact, I recently gave you the credit for my Sunday School lesson craft!

Check it out:


Thank you SO MUCH and keep on being creative!

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