How to make a Sieve (via the invention box)

In anticipation of Earth Day tomorrow, let me share one of my favorite things:
{This Little Project} of a box has brought us lots of fun and given new life to the word "reuse" at our house.

Also, known as my "junk box," it's organized by categories: wood, fabrics/fiber, metal, paper, plastic, etc. Inside are things like thread spools, metal circles from cans of frozen juice, toilet paper rolls, fabric left from previous little projects, etc. To learn how to make your own, go HERE.
Today's {Little Project} comes from the insides of the invention box!

This Reuse Little Project is sieve made from the red plastic topper from a box of clementines and an old bracelet. The second sieve I made (I didn't want the kiddos to fight) was made from the white mesh wrapping that a toy came in. You will also need a needle and thread (I used 3 strands of embroidery floss.) If you are wondering what this sieve is used for, check out this post about our Sensory Box.
For the white sieve I used two layers of the "mesh." For the red one, just one layer. I simply sewed around the outside of the bracelet to secure the mesh to it and then trimmed the excess off.

Ta Da! These sieves will help little ones find treasure now!

Easy. Fun. Reused. Earth Friendly. Kid Friendly :) To see other things that have come from this fun box, go HERE and here.

Also, {This Little Project} was featured on the Family blog. Go check out the other great earth day ideas featured there with the crayon shavings project from This Little Project!

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