Happy 100th Day of the Year!

We've been gearing up this week to celebrate the 100th day of the year-today! It's a great excuse to LEARN and have a lot of FUN!

Jay learned about counting by tens using tiny pon poms to make ice cream cones with this worksheet.

This apples stamping worksheet was a fun way to count to 100. You just use the top of the pencil eraser and a stamp pad to color the "apples."

We graphed our jelly beans (from 2 Easter egg hunts) counting them by tens. These egg dishes work great for separating the colors.

And then compared how many of each color came from each hunt. The yellows won with the most at each hunt! Who knew that yellow was so popular?
I drew easter eggs of different colors on paper to separate the candy by the colors on the first hunt. As soon as they finished finding eggs we dumped all the candy into a big bowl and they separated the candy by color. After they were done we put the candy away and they haven't asked for it since! I think we will be doing this game again next year :)

We learned how to count by 10's using the first half of this tune (thanks Elspeth)
singing: "10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, that's how we count by tens."

This Hundred's chart is a great visual for all the counting. It's fun to cover some up and practice writing the missing numbers too.

And of course we finished off by doing a 100 piece puzzle!

I hope you have fun celebrating learning about 100 too!

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