Baby Birthday Gift-Hooded Towel

My baby is one! 
I can't believe that this year has just zoomed by. 

I could spend the day just baby gazing at her:

See what I mean?

{This Little Project} started because I really wanted to make some handmade gifts for Ellie's birthday.  
Somehow, handmade means more.  It's a little more special.  
And it feels like a meaningful way to celebrate someone you love.
Isn't this a beautiful towel? It's so soft too! 
When I saw it I knew it would be perfect for baby Ellie!

Baby Ellie has been using Jay's blue hooded towel from when he was a baby and it was time to have one of her own ;)
Hooded towels make great gifts  
for baby showers and older kids too! 
Jay actually still uses one, just not the baby blue one ;) 
To make {This Little Project} you need:
a towel 
a hand towel

(many people use a hand towel for the hood, but I just used a washcloth and it turned out fine.)
This hooded towel is only 2 seams to sew! 

I have used the hooded towel idea to make Christmas Nativity costumes as well. 
For a tutorial to make one of your own, this one's easy to follow.

Have fun wrapping that little one up in something YOU made!
I'll be back with more {Little Project} birthday fun!


Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby! I actually bought some towels about a year ago to make a hooded towel, but forgot about them - you may just have inspired me to finish that project. :) Thanks!

Safdar Ali said...

what a beautiful project. this is looking so nice. the baby is so cute.

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